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Default Messier 65, Messier 66 from 20" RCOS LB0005

Well, finally put together an image from a stockpile of data I was collecting. Again, i'm not a great processor by any means..


Processed with Maxim DL, Mira Pro, CCD Stack, and Photoshop.

L:R:G:B (min) 350:260:260:260

Total: 18.8 Hours of Exposure Time (Yep... a lot of data)..

20" RCOS in Mayhill, NM, STL-11k

I imagine with all of the data one could create a better post-processed image. It's a bit on the bluer side of things and i played with color balance and color combine for awhile and well, it's just the way it wants to be... maybe down the line i'll have another go at it or something.

Larger size:

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Daniel Marquardt

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Hi Alvin,

wow - 18.5 hours of exposure data - thats really a lot!

Thats a very nice framing of these two galaxies. And I can imagine, that also the third galaxy of this trio - NGC3628 is very interesting with such a big telescope!

As you already wrote, the image is on the blue side. In what software did you do the RGB combine? CCDStack does a good job (though I am always unchecking "desature background", it gives me a better color). There should be much more green and red in the image. Did you had a look at the raw frames, if they were all OK? Thats also important, if one color had some clouds or so, the color combine is more difficult to handle.

I think there is a lot of potential in this image!

All the best!

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I definitely threw out some subframes- i have much more data than 18.5 hours ....

I'll have another look once i find a free night. I did RGB combine. More red meant the galaxy to the right would turn a bit purple, more green would throw things off, i didn't ever seem to get it right it was odd. I must have missed a step since typically i don't have this problem.
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